reFocus – Plant-Based Meal Replacement Nutritional Shakes

Customer Testimonials

Chocolatier taste
“I like that this is a nutritional drink that can be used as a meal replacement instead of just like a protein drink. It has all the nutritional value you would want – non-GMO, 26 essential vitamins.”
– Lisa

“These are great shakes! It isn’t chalky tasting and tastes like real chocolate. I love the amount of protein in each shake as well as the vitamins and minerals. I love that I can take this on the go with me and I can have lunch wherever I am at!”
– Higgydt4

Delicious meal replacement
“I appreciated the chocolate flavor because it was rich but not too over the top. It’s nice to see all that protein in something that is plant based too. reFOCUS helps provide a meal replacement you’d actually like to drink.”
– Doug

Great Taste!
“I was surprised on how something with all this nutritional value can be so good! Unlike most protein shakes you don’t have any of that chalky taste to it, it has a very smooth texture. The chocolate taste comes through very well! I love that it has so much protein and it’s eco-friendly.”
– Sarah

Give these a go!!!
“First time trying these and I was pretty impressed. I’ve tried a few plant-based meal replacements before and I didn’t like them too much. These ones on the other hand I did end up liking. With 16g of protein per shake is not bad at all. I’ll give these a try if I were you.”
– Dan

“The shakes are delicious. I’ve been drinking one in the morning on the way to work and feel great. It’s an excellent meal replacement. I’ll definitely be buying more.”
– Taylor

Breakfast Win
“reFOCUS chocolate nutritional shake is delicious and an easy was to take breakfast on the go. One shake is 320 calories and 16g of protein. I most commonly utilize when I don’t have much for breakfast but am planning on doing a run or bike ride before lunch so I don’t want to be hungry during that.”
– MJ

You need to try this!
“Love these shakes! They taste better than what’s out in the market. I grab one for breakfast most mornings. The vanilla flavor is great too!”
– Tom

Love it!
Really enjoyed this as a meal replacement – took to work instead of packing lunch. Great taste without being chalky.
– David

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